Reuse "Description" field in Compile Metadata (or use a text include in the "Description" field)

Hi there! I’m having a really annoying problem that I hope has a simple solution, but it’s really difficult to search for effectively because “description” is such a generic term.

I would like to compile from Scrivener to EPUB (I’m using the Epub 3 template). I’ve used the placeholder tags before, and am using them effectively for plenty of things in this particular project. So far so good. The thing I can’t figure out how to do is how to connect the EPUB file-level description (the “Description” field in the compile metadata) with a summary from the text of the project.

In other words: I would like to either use a placeholder tag to refer to the “Description” field of the compile metadata, so that I can have the summary also appear in the text of the EPUB compile (in my front matter), or have the “Description” field of the compile metadata pull from a text file in my binder, so that I can use <$include> tags to also pull that into the front matter. However, as far as I can tell there’s no placeholder tag that corresponds to the “Description” field in the compile metadata (there’s nothing in the tags list, and <$description> doesn’t work), and <$include> tags aren’t parsed/replaced if it’s used in the content of that field.

Is there any way to accomplish this? It’s particularly frustrating because other variables that are set in the compile metadata (like author name) pull fine via placeholder tags.

I’m on Mac, version 3.0.3.

We recently made it possible to use the <$include> tag in select areas of the compiler, so it might not be too difficult to add recognition for it here as well, so that you could have a “Description” section in your binder and then refer to it from the metadata field with “<$Include:Description>”.

In the meanwhile however, and perhaps this is a better solution anyway: I recently posted a tip for handling project-wide custom metadata placeholders, and the solution there would be equally applicable here. You could create a “<$BookDescription>” placeholder in your Replacements pane, and use it in both the metadata table in your compile settings and in the binder item that should contain this information.