Reveal in Binder Not Working?

I am using the registered version on mac. But every time when I click Reveal in Binder, only the root folder is highlighted, instead of the nearest containing folder on the sidebar. Does it work by design (I won’t appreciate it as a smart design) or a bug? Thanks!

By design, it should be highlight the actual thing(s) you have selected or are currently editing, not the container. However in some cases you may have actually selected the container without realising it. If you’re using Corkboard or Outliner and have nothing selected, then you have implicitly selected the container. This can be verified by opening the Inspector and then clicking on the background of the Corkboard to deselect all cards. The Inspector will switch to showing the details of the container of those cards. At that point, if you hit the Reveal shortcut you’ll see the container highlighted. Select an index card instead, and that specific card will be revealed.

Thanks AmberV! But it seems to be not working on my computer. See pictures below. Where did I miss?

The focus is on Chapter 1.
Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 23.38.42.png

After click “Reveal in Binder”, Chapter 1 is not highlighted.
Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 23.38.53.png

Ah, I see the confusion: that’s because you are invoking “Reveal in Binder” from the container, which is in this case the “Test” folder, as printed to the right of this header bar icon menu. To see where you are inside the text itself, make sure the cursor is blinking between the “Chapter 1” dividers, and then hit Opt-Cmd-R or use the View/Reveal in Binder menu command. For the most part this header bar menu sets editor options and works off the thing that is displayed in the header bar (in the case of a Scrivenings session, the “Composite” half). The “Snapshot” command in here is the only exception to that. It will snapshot where your cursor is, not the container.

Thanks AmberV! Finally I got where I’ve missed! So the shortcut or the menu item is the only way to Reveal in Binder. No toolbar icon available?

In addition to the shortcut and the View menu, you can also right-click in the Corkboard or Outliner on the items in question. This is also available when right-clicking on items in a collection or search result (when the Binder is temporarily hidden by them). From Scrivenings though, you need the View menu since right-click goes to the text editor and not any items.