Reveal in binder on iOS?

Hi, I’m finding that projects open with the focus on some document – the one I was last working on, presumably – but with no obvious link to the binder. Is there an equivalent on the Mac version’s “Reveal in Binder” command? I’ve tried the obvious Cmd+Option+R, to no avail.

If you haven’t tried it, tap on the title of the document in the top toolbar. :slight_smile:

Yah beenty! Thanks, Silverdragon.

Not super discoverable, though, is it?

Discussed in the “Finding Your Place” section of the iOS Scrivener Tutorial.


Thanks, Katherine. That section was quite hard to find, because the “Find” command doesn’t seem to search in the whole project, but just in the current document. I must be missing a setting or something.

Devilgate, if you haven’t found it already – to search an entire project, drag down on the Binder to reveal a search field. Very iOS-style. :slight_smile: