Reveal in binder (when multiple scrivenings selected)

Not sure if this is a bug or the way things are meant to be - but reporting anyway (hope it’s helpful).

  1. Multiple docs selected, for example, all docs in the manuscript selected (each individual doc and folder highlighted blue in binder) to perform a “formatted text search - annotations” in manuscript only.

  2. Formatted text search takes me to the annotation I was looking for.

  3. I click on the document icon in the header bar (just to the right of the left and right arrows). The header bar correctly displays the name of the individual doc I have clicked focus on, but tells me it is part of a multiple selection (which is correct). Drop down menu gives option to “reveal in binder”. Document not revealed in binder - ALL manuscript docs are still highlighted blue in binder.

It appears I get the same behaviour if I have a folder selected with the scenes within it appearing as scrivenings. If I select one of the scrivenings “reveal in binder” won’t take me to the scene within that folder, but just the folder stays highlighted in the binder. This feels less like a bug to me now? Maybe this should be a wish list post?



Hi Stuart,

No, this isn’t a bug but intended behaviour. “Reveal in Binder” in the icon menu in the header works slightly differently to “Reveal in Binder” in the Edit menu (which has the opt-cmd-R) shortcut. The icon menu “Reveal in Binder” reveals which documents are currently shown in the editor - and in this case you have several, so all of them get revealed. “Reveal in Binder” in the Edit menu reveals only the current selected document. So you should use that (or hit opt-cmd-R) to get the behaviour your want in this case.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Ahh … that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification Keith.