Reveal in Finder Icon? Duplicate Binder?

I need a icon for “Reveal in Finder”, and could not find it in the options for customizing the toolbar. I have a long thesis, and it’s taking too long to shuffle files. In addition, I would like to suggest a way to duplicate the binder, so this time-consuming task of mine can be done at a faster pace.

You can shuffle files in the Corkboard and Outline view…

If a document is too long in the binder, it is also in the cork view and outline. The request is for a duplicate window for any of these three modes. This would reduce the amount of scrolling. The only workaround I can think of is using the MOVE TO feature, but there is no keyboard shortcut for that.

You can have a vertical split with outliner in both right and left pane, no Inspector and then there is the Binder as well, so you would more or less have three “binders” alongside each other.

Now I get it. One binder plus two outliners. Works like magic, lunk is a genius, thanks!!

Scrivener is magical. :wink:

What I prefer for large organisation sessions of the likes it sounds like you’re doing, is to wire up a little automation between the panes as well, for a more “3-pane” style approach:

  1. Set View/Binder Affects/ to the left split. Now the binder will never change the right split, even if it is the active split, the Binder only impacts the left split. I set the left split to Outliner.
  2. In the footer bar of the left split, click the button with an arrow coming out of a box. This makes the left split act like the binder does with regards to the right split. Whatever you click on the left split loads in the right split.

Now I can leave the binder itself mostly collapsed, and drill down into larger sections of folders, viewing them more completely in the left pane, and drilling further down into the right pane (or using the right pane to edit text).

With that much setup involved, saving all of this as a layout is useful. Use Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts… to create this setup as something you can easily return to with a single click in the future.

Very useful workflow, but there is one problem: binder is loading the selected file on left split instead of locating it on the outline itself. This turns the outliner in the left split into an editor, which is a minus.

If you insist. :slight_smile: I’ve always liked how the two panes can do whatever they need to do at the moment, be it a PDF file or an outline—but if you’d rather a stricter approach try the “Open Non-Group items in Other” option at the bottom of the Binder Affects submenu. That’ll redirect single-item clicks over to the right side editor.

That’s useful too, thanks. But I just noticed that Binder Selection Affects the Outliner would be a good addition to Scriv.

If you lock the left editor (Navigate > Editor > Lock in Place, Shift-Cmd-L) while the binder is set to affect the left editor only, clicks in the binder will not load the document but will select the document in the outliner if it is present.

If your left editor is linked to the right editor so that clicks there open in the right editor, then selecting a document in the binder will select it also in the left outliner and then load it in the right. Or you could disassociate the editors if you didn’t want them to both be affected that way. There are a lot of options! :slight_smile: