"Reveal-in-outline" command?

I know — We have previously discussed Scrivener being a left-to-right editor only, and that you don’t want to change that. So I promise, I won’t bring that up again. Almost. :smiley:

Here’s a suggestion, though (which may be seen as a variation on the theme, but bear with me…) :slight_smile:
Perhaps it’s already doable with a setting, if so please let me know.

Background: I prefer to work with two panes (outline left, scrivenings right) rather than having the binder open, mainly because the outline view gives me more info (number of words, etc). So:

  1. While you don’t want the editor to go right-to-left (and I hear you) might there be a way to implement a “reveal in outline” command, very much like the “reveal in binder” command but affecting the outline pane instead, so that the same type of behavior is achieved in the outline view?
    I.e. so that when having browsed around in the novel-long scrivenings text, I can easily find my whereabouts in the outline?

  2. Here’s where I may be missing a setting: If I use CTRL+TAB to go from my scrivenings pane to my outline pane, the scrivenings pane navigates away from where I was just busy writing to whatever item was last highlighted in the outline.
    It would be very useful if I could jump back and forth between the same place in both panes — i.e. when leaving the scrivenings pane with CTRL+TAB, the outline pane moves to that place so that I stay in place.
    Is this a setting I’m missing? If not, might one wish for such a setting, which would then achieve the functionality of the “reveal in outline” command above?

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


“Reveal in Other Editor” is something that has been added for a future version. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks.

Great to hear! :smiley: