Reveal invisible characters?

I’m sure I’m staring right at this and it’s obvious, but… is there a way to show things like carriage returns in Scrivener?

I paste in a lot of email stuff - and yes, I use the handy cmd-ctrl-shft-V to paste it without formatting. But the carriage returns in emails are doubles, which is annoying in Scrivener, which already has a nice space between paragraphs.

Is there any way

a) to reveal hidden characters such as carriage returns, and
b) to automate a search-and-replace for these and other email annoyances like those less-than (or is it greater-than? can never remember the difference) signs?

Yes, via “Text” menu-> “Show Invisibles”

You can enter carriage returns in Scrivener’s Find & Replace dialog, but I don’t think this can be automated in any way. I’d recommend DevonThink’s WordService. It’s a free App Service, that adds powerful text editing macros to all your Cocoa apps. Note that you can set system wide shortcuts for any menu item in OS X’s keyboard and mouse preferences, which makes it a lot easier to access App Services.

Excuse me, I’m not seeing ‘Show invisibles’ in the Text menu in V 1.11. Is it in a later version, perhaps? Or am I looking straight past the item?

I also can’t see how to add carriage returns to the Find and Replace dialogue box in Scrivener.

Maelduin, you’re right it’s not in 1.11. KB has already announced “Show invisibles” will be in an upcoming version, either 1.5 or 2. I don’t have the 1.5 beta, so I can’t help you there, but if the functionality is important to you it may be worth downloading to check.


Peccavi fortiter? Now that’s just boasting.

Hm, I’m cautious of betas when an app is holding all my work information. Hm. Hm.

Fairy Nuff, but I didn’t really mean you should have to use it. If it’s in 1.5 you’ll know you can access the functionality you want in a full-release version in a week or two - if not, later this year.

But in any case I expect KB or Amber will be along shortly to give you the ( :wink: ) vox dei.


Yes, Hugh is right, this feature is available in the 1.5 beta, which is available for the public on these forums. It will show you carriage returns, spaces, and tabs. If you need the feature now, you can go ahead and download it, but otherwise that release will be out “soonish”. There are no dates announced as Scrivener has always been a done-when-its-done type thing.

Oh I’m sorry, I hope I didn‘t send anyone on a wild goose chase. Yes, I‘m using the latest beta, cause “I’m hip”. 8)