Reveal tables via the "Show Invisibles" button

After copying and pasting a web excerpt into the editor, a user will sometimes find no obvious way to remove blank lines from the text. This turns out to be a consequence of invisible table formatting. For an example, try copying and pasting the World English Dictionary segment of a definition.

Once we’ve figured out the problem, we can use Table Properties to set a cell border, and then merge cells to regain control of line spacing. But I think the ability to reveal invisible tables for the entire document would be a helpful addition to the “Show Invisibles” display mode. That’s the logical button to click when something in the document is frustrating one’s formatting intentions.

Thanks for considering.


Yes, this should be implemented; it is implemented in the Mac version, but was possibly missed in the Windows version. I’ll make sure it gets added to the list, thanks.
All the best,

Splendid. Thanks, Keith.