Revealing the current Scrivenings document in the Binder

Hi all,

I think the following usage question has been addressed in the forums , but I can’t remember the answer. :blush:

I am in Scrivening’s mode and wish to Reveal in the Binder the specific document being edited. The manual says, “When used with Scrivenings mode, all of the entries included in the session will be highlighted in the Binder at once.” (my emphasis)

Is there a workaround for Revealing in the Binder the current document that is being edited in Scrivenings mode, e.g. the particular document in the Scrivenings session where the cursor is presently blinking? I have my whole Draft in Scrivenings mode, so Revealing in Binder the whole draft does little to help me Reveal the currently edited document.

Thanks in advance for any advice, and above all, kudos to Keith for his Olympic Gold performance in writer’s software!


PS I found an older, partially relevant forum discussion at I am not trying to resurrect those old requests for a Binder that constantly changes its highlighting according to the currently edited document (a bad idea that was rightfully shot down by Keith). Instead, I only want to have a variation of the Reveal in Binder command that will allow me to highlight the specific Scrivenings document I am currently editing.

You can do this pretty easily by isolating the document you wish to reveal (Cmd-4), then reveal it, and Cmd-[ to go back to the session where you were.

With a Scrivenings session, View > Reveal in Binder will just reveal the single document where the focus is in the editor; using the Reveal in Binder command from the icon menu in the editor header will reveal either the container or, if the session is a multiple selection rather than a composite, all the loaded documents.