Reverse colors, impossible?

I am testing this windows beta and, apparently, it’s impossible to use reverse color (pale blue on black). The text is only visible only when I switch the background to gray in the “Page” entry. Am I wrong?

This should be possible; but it might be that you’ve imported some of the text here and it has the colour black assigned to it, rather than just having no colour. Since it is set to black, the text engine respects that and it becomes invisible. Try pressing Ctrl-A to select all of the text, right-click, and then from the Text Color menu, choose “Remove Color”. Does that clear it up?

If so, the original text might have come from Word or something. It will specifically set font colours to black.

You can even make the background blue and the text white! :mrgreen:

How very professional of you.

Thank you very much for your responses. You’re right. The problem is due to the previous font color (tutorial, etc.). Excuse me. Anyhow, in similar apps it’s possible to have a screen appearance not linked to the printed appearance of the document. It’s a possible enhancement.

I insist. It’s really boring to have to replace font color in existing documents to make it visible in a reverse colors environment. This area needs improvement.

Even worse: after customizing my screen, text in existing documents (for example, the tutorial) is not visible on the screen for the sake of my black background choice…

The only solution is to use different default settings and to load them according to the project on screen.

No worries, this is a known issue that just hasn’t been addressed yet. When a text colour has been applied, it should do a force override on all colouring, even annotations, so as to make things legible. There are some technical hurdles to achieve that, but like I say, this is one of those beta things where the software isn’t flawless yet.

Good news. I am glad to hearing that. Thank you very much.