Reverse editor arrangement between vert & horiz orientation

When I have my editor split horizontally, and want to alternate to a vertical split, the editors end up being in the ‘wrong’ places for me. To illustrate my point, let’s say I have document A in the left pane, and document B in the right. I decide to make the split horizontal instead, so I hold the OPT key and click the split icon. But instead of document A ending up on the top (which I want), it ends up on the bottom. I then have to swap editors, which is a problem if I later decide to reverse the split again, since the the top becomes the right editor.

For me, all information flows left to right and top to bottom, but when rearranging the split like this, it’s as if the assumption is that the corresponding arrangement for left->right is bottom>top.

Could we get a “SHIFT-OPT” click option so that when you click on the split icon, it changes the left editor to the top or the top to the left instead of the default way it works? And also a corresponding menu item? Better yet, a configurable option that changes the OPT-click and menu behaviors, since for me, I always want the opposite of the default.

Edit: Or, if this is easier/makes more sense: clicking multiple times on the icon while holding down OPT could rotate through all 4 arrangements, so that document A, starting on the left, moves to the bottom, then the right, then the top, then back to the left, with the other editor assuming the opposite position, of course.

This is going to change in a future update. I agree it should flow left-right and top-bottom, and I noticed this recently myself and was surprised as I was sure I had coded it that way in the first place. :slight_smile:

Hooray for not being obscure this time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this part of a point release, or v3?