Reverse icon in card inspector is nuking my hard work!

So while outline traits on front of card I accidentally hit the reverse icon on Inspector tab and Scrivener nuked all my writing. :imp: A bug IMO bc if it’s going to reverse the front and back it should at least save the work on the front of the card to the rear side that it’s replacing.

Could you be more specific about which icon you clicked? In the synopsis header in the inspector there are two icons on the right side: the left of these allows you to change from a text synopsis to an image synopsis. Both co-exist, though only one is visible at a time, so if you clicked this and accidentally switched into image mode, just click on it again to select the index card icon and your text will reappear. The icon on the right is the Auto-Generate Synopsis button, which will copy roughly the first paragraph of text (or a selection) from the document and use that for the synopsis. This does overwrite any text already in the synopsis, but you can use Edit > Undo (Cmd-Z) while the focus is in the index card to restore your original text.

There’s nothing else I can think of in the inspector that would have cleared the synopsis, so if neither of these applies, a step by step explanation of what you did would help us figure out what happened.

Thanks! In character mode I accidentily clicked the auto generate icon and it wiped out my work by replacing it with the text from a blank Character Template. I clicked it accidently which is easy to do when switching card images on and off and the Undo command in edit was gray.