Reverse links

It’d be awesome to be able to see a list of all documents that link to a particular document. In other words, a reverse link.

So for example, if I’m linking to a Character Sheet from many different scenes, this feature would easily let me see all the scenes that link to that character. I can accomplish something like that via text search, except when a character is not referenced by name.

Same thing for locations, etc.

That should already be happening, unless a default feature has been disabled. The option is in the Navigation preference pane, “Create back-link references when creating Scrivener Links and references”.

Lol, you’re right! I’d missed the Links tab in the properties sidepane. Either it’s not terribly discoverable, or I’m terrible at discovering. :slight_smile: Nevermind.

Thanks for the pointer!

Train yourself to glance at the row of icons above the inspector when a given document has the focus of your input. There will be asterisks next to various icons if there is some content to be found in those sections of the document’s inspector.

I can’t find that option in the Navigation pane. Is this limited to the mac OS Version?

Concerning Scrivener links, there is only “Open Scrivener Links in …” on that pane. (Using v1.9.6)

Yes, generally speaking if you can’t find it given the directions it hasn’t been implemented yet. There are exceptions here and there where the UI is different, but we do try to keep every menu and button as close as is possible.