Reverse search for keyboard shortcuts

Is there any way to digitally search the key combinations Scrivener has already assigned? I don’t mean search commands and find their key combinations, I mean the opposite: search key combinations and find the commands they’re assigned to. I guess the models I have in mind are Aperture’s Command Editor and Word’s Customize Keyboard function.

I want to create new keyboard shortcuts without over-writing combinations the program’s already using (and that I don’t know about). So, for example, if I wanted to assign Shift-Command-T to the “yellow marker” command, I would search for that combination first and discover it’s already assigned to “Show Project Targets.” Then I could choose whether or not to over-write it.

Apologies if this has already come up; I searched the manual and forums but couldn’t find anything.

Well, there’s always trial and error. :wink: The menu flickers with the selection if you hit a key combo that’s in use, so you’ll know it exists even if you don’t see it do anything. However! Probably not what you were looking for. Unfortunately in general the Mac OS isn’t particularly helpful with this. You can pretty easily find some lists online of the Mac system keyboard shortcuts (which you also probably don’t want to override, even if it lets you with some of them), and at some point the keyboard shortcut list for Scrivener will get updated in the wiki file, although that’s still not searchable so much as browse-able.

Someone on the board recommended KeyCue, which seems to be fairly snazzy looking and do what you want. It has a trial version, so it might be worth checking out for this.

Thanks for the quick response, MM. I’ve downloaded KeyCue and I’ll give it a try. Not quite perfect (because the list isn’t searchable by key-combo), but useful. Pretty, too.

The flickering menus thing is actually what I was trying to get away from. I don’t know Scrivener well yet, and all the things it does, and every time those menus flicker I get heart palpitations: My God! What have I done?

So maybe I’ll post “Command Editor” in the Wish List forum.

No need to post in the Wish List forum, too, as I read all threads in tech support too. There are no plans to add anything like this, as it would be a pain to code and of very limited use (you are the first to ask for it :slight_smile: ). However, you can add a list of all keyboard shortcuts to your Dashboard:

(I’m not sure which kind soul created that - I think it was Wock, as he created the one for 1.54.)

You can at least then check at a glance if the keyboard shortcut you want to assign is already gone. To be honest, because Scrivener has so many keyboard shortcuts, it’s unlikely that you will be able to create new ones without overwriting existing ones.

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Thanks for the link to the Dashkard; I hadn’t seen that. Very sweet.

Righto, I updated the page for the keyboard shortcuts, so that’s available here and is technically searchable, since it’s just text and the key combos go in predictable order (⌃⌥⇧⌘).

Doesn’t KeyCue let you hold down the modifier keys and then highlight the shortcuts using those, and so in essence determine if a given combo is already in use?

Dashkards: kewl! Thanks to Keith for the link and to Wock (?) or whoever created it.

Thanks MM and Keith. These are useful tools. I’ve bookmarked the shortcuts page, and yes, you’re right, KeyCue does that – which makes it much more useful than I realized.

I’ll make one more pitch for an Aperture-like Command Editor-type function though. I don’t know anything about coding or how much of a hassle creating it would be. But setting aside coding and looking at the idea’s utility only, I do think it’d be a really good addition.

Shortcuts and adaptability to the user are two huge Scrivener strengths already. A Command Editor, which would let the user manage shortcuts directly, easily and transparently, would reinforce those strengths.

It works well for Aperture – and Aperture is meant to do similar things with pics as Scrivener does with stories.

There – I’ve said my piece. Now I’ll just go back to this blasted manuscript.

But Aperture is a flagship application from multi-national company with hundreds of developers. :slight_smile: A command editor would be non-trivial to implement (in fact I’ve no idea how one would go about it, especially with the search for shortcuts you propose), and for the vast majority of users, just using System Preferences to customise keyboard shortcuts is more than enough. So, I’m afraid it’s a definitive “no”, at least for the foreseeable future (until we expand to world domination).

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