"Reverse" split view

I am currently making full (and happy) use of the split view option, i.e. having a horribly scribbled together document in lower part of the horizontal split, and my nice shiny subchapter on top.
However… when I am looking for other notes to use with my subchapter, it often happens that I mess up my arrangement, and in the end everything is upside down… Is there a way to just “swap” the two documents in split view, i.e. top-down, bottom-up easily?
Thanks from a very rainy locations somewhere in Europe


Yes, you can go to the View menu and select Layout > Swap Editors.

Also, moving forwards, if you find that things end up in the wrong editor as you navigate, here are a couple of tips:

  1. You can lock an editor (View > Editor > Lock in Place or opt-cmd-L). The header bar will turn pink to indicate it is “locked”. When you’ve done this, clicking around in the binder won’t affect that editor at all, so the document in it will stay where it is while you are navigating and you don’t have to worry about where the focus is.

  2. You can change which editor the binder affects. By default, a document selected in the binder will be opened in the editor that has the focus (the header bar will be blue to indicate it is focused - unless it is locked, in which case it will be pink, of course). You can change this by going to View > Binder Affects, and setting it so that selections in the binder only ever affect one of the editors, and the other always stays as is.

  3. In tandem with one of the above, you can drag documents from the binder and drop them onto a header bar to load the document in that editor whether it’s focussed or not (and whether it is locked or not).

Using (1) or (2) above in conjunction with (3) should help you avoid loading things in the wrong editor (and “Swap Editors” will get things how you want when you do).

Hope that helps!

All the best,

Swap… swap… swap…
Yay… that’s why I like Scrivener so much. Thank you, Keith, also for your further suggestions! When I got Scrivener and did the tutorial, I learned about “locking” editors, but as always things make the most sense when you need to apply them to your own quagmire :wink:
Thanks :slight_smile: