Reversed Order of Folders in second screen of split screen

I like to have the split screen, so I’m writing in the ‘left hand’ window and I have my notes and section target in the ‘right hand’ window, in Outliner mode. This has been working really well, but suddenly today when I start typing in the left hand window, the folders all reverse their order, so instead of looking at the folders at the top (the ones I’m actively working on), I’m looking at the ones on the bottom (which are, for me, a set of empty files waiting for me to have information to shove in them). I’ve tried closing and restarting and it still does this. I can work with a single window, but it’s a bit frustrating to have the thing I really liked just screw up like that.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on?

You can sort the Outliner rows by clicking on the column header. I’m assuming you’ve done this inadvertently.

Click on the Title column until the rows are sorted back into Binder sequence.