Reversing Folders Order in Binder

I have searched but not seen this addressed:

It would be great to be able to totally reverse the order of the DRAFT/Manuscripts folders in the Binder automatically, not just by dragging.

Let me explain further— I have begun using Scrivener for writing a blog and I simply make a folder for each month and sub-folders numbered 1 - 31 for the days. As the months progress each folder is placed further down the page to the point where eventually I will have quite a scrolling effort if I want to use the same file for my blog (vs. making a new file each year or each month.)

Yes, I know I can drag each day’s entry to the top but it would be great to hit a Reverse button and every entry would appear at the Top of the Binder instead of at the bottom automatically (with Research and Trash staying where they are - or not, as one wished.)


– July

  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
    – June
  • 30
  • 29

What about using outliner view? Then you can rearrange the order with a simple click on the column header and you can show, and sort by, creation and modification dates.

If you put the number of the month before the name (e.g. “01 January”, “02 February”, “03 Mar…” etc) then you can sort by month as well as by year or day.

You can also then just drag the whole set from the sorted outliner back into the binder to rearrange the items permanently.