Reverted to Trial version?

I bought Scrivner 3 the day it was released. However when I pulled it up today, It told me my activation code wasn’t valid and the told me it was kicking into Trial mode. I reentered my activation code, which again worked fine. But what’s going on? Anyone else running into this?

This also happened to me! Curious about why it did.

This has happened to me a couple times as well. I had it happen periodically in 1.9 as well, actually. Just periodically YOUR LICENSE IS INVALID and I have to go hunt through my email for my license again.

L&L staff have recommended multiple times here in the forums that if you are seeing licensing issues like this, reach out and contact L&L support directly via the contact info on the L&L web page. They will not discuss licensing issues here in the forums for privacy reasons.