Reverting to perevious saved version[ADDRESSED]

Step one, I opened Scrivener. As usual, the last project I’d worked on (My NaNoWriMo) appeared. I wanted to open a new text. I went to the drop-down menu. I must have accidentally selected new project because, when the clean document appeared, the binder was empty of all my past work. I hurriedly closed the new project. My old project was also closed, though I had left it open. I went to My Documents on My Computer to find my project. I opened it, but it was an earlier-saved version and not the most recent save. I do not know why. When I opened Scrivener and my project first appeared everything was the most recent version. Now that version is gone. I cannot find it anywhere. All that’s left is the old version.

Correction: I did hit New Text. I don’t know why I thought I’d hit New project when no such option exists in that menu. In any case, it gave me a new project instead of a new text.

It would be difficult to make a new project by accident, because you have to go through that whole big dialogue where you select templates and choose a location to save it and all of that. It’s not as easy as just making a document in the binder.

I’d try searching your folders a bit, it could be you used Save As or Backup Project To from the File menu and forgot about it later, and so ended up working in a copy that isn’t what you thought you were working in.