Hey, those of us who were lucky enough to be in the Beta need to put reviews up on the app store.

We know Scrivener iOS is rock solid and beats our wildest expectations.

I know Keith and co will love our contribution to their financial existence, but I suspect they will get just as great a kick from our honest rave reviews.

You’re right, done! (I wasn’t on the beta but it’s very easy to see the amazing quality of the program after a couple of hours of use)

Also done. :smiley:

And very promptly bought it as well. :smiley:

It’s gaining traction.

Many thank you all! It’s very nice to have 50 5-star reviews in the US App Store already (especially as I have no doubt that we’ll be getting a fair few one-star reviews from people frustrated with sync teething problems).

I really appreciate your taking the time to give us a nice review, thanks again!

All the best,

#3 In “Apps We Love” on the App store with 70+ 5 Star ratings.

Consider it done

And I gave it…5 stars! :smiley:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hope no one minds if I use this general topic title to also encompass reviews from publications, not just user reviews from the App Store. If this topic appears elsewhere on the forum, moderators can move it there.

Here’s one from the American business magazine Fast Company.

And here’s high praise and detailed description of use for long form writing, from one of the Apple journalism world’s most respected sources. Start about 23 minutes in and lasts about 22 min.