revising a compiled ms

While I work with chapters, in the final stages - 9th or 10th rewrite - I like to assemble the entire ms so I can repair character names and using Find make sure I haven’t told the same joke four times (too often I have). I make the fixes in the chapters butthe entire ms lets me search. Can I do this as I compile or compile the last step before the editor?

Donald McCaig

Search field – can show you a list of any documents in your project where, for example, you have used the phrase ‘to get to the other side’. Search has many settable parameters to do just what you want.

Scrivenings Mode – view any portion of your work in progress at any time as a single continuous (editable) text.

Within-text Find function – You can also use this to do a within-text find that spans documents by using Find while using Scrivenings Mode.


P.S. You cannot do any editing of your text /as/ you Compile it anymore than you can edit your text /while/ you Paste it.

P.P.S. User’s manual.

Thanks. Scrivenings mode will work fine. While I love the program, the manual needs a rewrite.

Donald McCaig