revision mode between beta and mac

I have beta version 12 for windows and the full version 3 for mac. I made some changes in revision mode in windows then opened it several hours later in mac to find that the changes were still there, however the color was gone.

Similar bug going from beta to IOS on iPhone and back again.

Suspected this yesterday when going between the two and “tested” this morning.

Revision colour persists if just used in Beta

  1. Revision in Beta on
  2. Make changes
  3. Close and reopen Beta
  4. Revisions marks are still visible in original colour

Revision colour lost if moving between Beta & iPhone (using drop box to synch)

  1. Revision in Beta on
  2. Make changes
  3. Close Beta
  4. Open document in IOS (Iphone 8)
  5. Add single word to document so it has changed
  6. Close IOS
  7. Reopen BETA
  8. Revision text is still in place but has lost the revision colour.

N.B. when I open the document in IOS the revision colourwasn’t showing - but not sure if you’d expect it to in IOS or not.

Usiing Beta on a Surface 3