Revision Mode colors incongruent

After resetting the Revision Mode colors to default the Revision Mode colors in the menu did not match those in Settings/Editing/Revision Mode. After restarting the application this seems to be alright.

In the beta the first character of text added in Orange revision mode is not colored orange.
This is correctable, but should not happen. It seems the index in 1 off, leaving the first character black instead of colored.

Hi, AntoniDol, sorry but I could not reproduce the not changing revision colors in the menu. After clicking OK/Apply the menu revision colors reflect the colors in the Options.
The orange 1 character off is something I could not understand where and how to test unfortunately.
Probably uploading a video of your actions or some extra steps will help us trace your problem.

It happens to me every time I update a word when in Fourth Revision Mode (but is probably the same in the other modes) and I stop Speaking Text to correct an error. Maybe the Speak function dislocates the index?

As an extra, I’d like to mention that an icon for strikethrough in the Formatting Toolbar would increase the usability of removed text in Revision Mode. The Ctrl + / keyboard shortcut is missing in the contextmenu Font/Strikethrough when selecting a word… It could be available as an extra Formatting Toolbar option explicitly added via Customize Toorlbars.

If you cannot reproduce the problem without using Text to Speech, most likely it is Text to Speech interfering.

The Strikethrough toolbar icon is a good idea we will probably add at some stage. It is not available under Mac, but Mac also does not allow editing the formatting toolbar, as much as I remember.

Still you can use the “Ctrl + /” shortcut at any time to strikethrough text. The shortcut is not available in the context menu by design, still it is always active, if applicable.

It happened to me again: this time I created some screenshots to illustrate what’s happening. TTS was active in this case:

Edit: I found the way in which this error occurs, TTS is not relevant since it was not active when this happened:
When I select the word to revise FROM THE END TO THE BEGINNING, the index is one off and the first letter is not colored.
Appearantly that’s what I do a lot of the times, as this happens regularly to me. :slight_smile: Others may never do this.

Hope this helps.