Revision mode colour – Mac/iOS

If I’m in revision mode on my desktop all text I add while on my Mac will be in the chosen revision colour.

I’ve understood that the iOS app doesn’t have a revision mode. Fair enough.

But, is there any way to get text added, or changed while working on my iPad, to show up as revisions, once I’m back at the desktop mac?

The only way I can think of is changing the text colour in iOS to signify each edit, but it is too bothersome even to try.

An easier way, anyone?

Hmm, Styles is probably the easiest thing I can think of doing. With Scrivener 3, the project’s stylesheet will show up on iOS while editing there, so to mark some text as a particular revision level, just select it, then flick down to the bottom of the formatting list to apply the right style.

If you save the original styles from actual revision markings then the colour-matching features should work cross-platform. I’d test it though, as ColorSync profiles can make a mess of such things. Well, even if they do, finding text by styles is just as easy as finding revisions by styles.

Thanks Ioa!

Yes it works, Including colour-matching. But still quite cumbersome I’m afraid. Also, often I just change a word, a name, or whatever to another, without other changes. Then that is what I’d like to stand out. Applying a style will change the formatting of the entire paragraph.

The solution I’ve settled for is to check the box “Take snapshot before updating document” in Preferences. At least that way I can see what revisions has been made in the document by comparing it with the snapshot.