Revision mode enhancements

Here’s another one for the “Obscure Files.” :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be nice if, when revision mode is on, instead of deleting when the delete key is pressed, the letter/highlighted passage is struck through and the cursor placed to the left of the struck-through text. Deleting text in the current revision color should work as normal to avoid struck-through typos appearing everywhere.

Secondary to this request, it would be handy to have a “delete all struck through text” option to compliment the “remove revision color” menu items.

So if you want this, just use strike-through while in revision mode instead of deleting text. I’ll be adding the ability to delete struck-through text within Scrivener (rather than just in Compile) to a future version, too, so that it will be easy to get rid of such text from your editor when you no longer want it.

Alternatively, you can just delete the text after taking a snapshot and use snapshot compare.

All the best,

Mr G,

It seems that he is always one step ahead … one step.

Are we slow or is he fast?

Excellent news! I knew about the compile option, but wanted a way to clear struck-through text out of my scrivener documents once I was done with a particular revision. Good to know it’s in the pipeline; thanks for letting us know.

What do you think of revision mode doing the strikethrough thing when hitting the delete key? It’s what some word processors do in the track changes mode, so I imagine one or two other people might like that as an option.

Well, Keith is building the path we’re on. Keeping one step ahead of the throng could imply that both are true. Though for the sake of my own ego, I’m going to say that I’m just meandering, rather than admit that I’m slow.

I’d rather just stick to using over-strike for this. I built a test app ages ago that just struck out text that was supposed to be deleted, but there were all sorts of issues that arose from it.

In all fairness, it was Jennifer who pointed out to me that we needed a “Delete Struck-Through Text” feature in the editor, so I can claim no credit other than being the code monkey on that one. :slight_smile:

Stop being the best head of development ever.