Revision Mode In Tool Bar

It would be nice to know what mode you are in, and a quick way to change the mode, given that each scrivening can be of a different revision mode, and it would be nice to both know which mode it is in and to quickly change it.

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Some general tips: I set up the Ctrl-# keys for my revision modes so I can quickly switch between them and toggle them on and off. I also use Ctrl-0 to strip revision markings. As for feedback on which mode you are in, the cursor colour should be altered to match the revision level you are typing in. Perhaps if this is hard to see, try increasing the width of the cursor to 2 or 3 pixels in the Editor preferences pane.

In regards to a button though, we have kicked around some ideas in the past for streamlining the revision mode process a bit. So it’s something on our minds.

I think it would be nice to have visual feedback. I did read your keyboard shortcut response to someone else, but the connection of color with revision mode in an icon that allowed you both to see what revision mode it is and a way to change it would be nice for visually oriented people like me.


I put in the keyboard commands using the OSX keyboard control panel, but for some reason I cannot get the first revision to work. I do not know why. The other revisions work fine, changing the color when I click the keystroke. “None” also does not work, since another menu uses “None”.

You don’t need “None” since selecting the mode you are using already toggles it off, thus you can hit Ctrl-2 to turn on blue, then Ctrl-2 to turn it off. I’m not sure what could cause the first one to not work unless there is either a typo in “First Revision” as typed into the OS X shortcut panel, or you just so happen to have a document named “First Revision” in the binder somewhere. All documents get stashed into the menus in multiple locations (View/QuickReference for instance) and so thus can trap keyboard shortcuts meant for static menu entries.