Revision Mode

I just discovered the colored text of “revision mode.” I like it, but think it would be even more useful if I could selectively print it as well. Of course, I want to put it back to the plain black text for the final draft.

I have searched, but haven’t found how to get the colors into a PDF or eBook. Is there a way?

Your compile for eBooks IS your final draft - I’m not sure what you mean about compiling with colour before that stage?

Remember that with eBooks, the reader chooses font, size, colour, background colour, spacing etc, so an eBook compile is to a standard default which the user can override.

I wouldn’t go so far, e-books make for a pretty good proofing format. Depending on how well designed the software or device is, you can take good notes, highlight text, and read it all in a format that is very unlike working with it on a computer screen. I have a script that converts a Kindle’s .txt file log of markings into a list of useful notes to self.

Fundamentally, revision mode is merely coloured text. The feature is more the handling of that coloured text when you type and so forth, but the technology itself is very simple. With PDF there should be nothing stopping you from printing a paragraph with some red text in it (or whatever colour), and with e-books the only real limiter is the software or device displaying the book. Scrivener will dutifully export text colour—and as it is considered a form of inline formatting like bold or italics, it tends to survive most of the compiler’s tricks, too.

There is however one that can get in the way: make sure Remove all text color is disabled in the Transformations compile option pane. And of course there you go for your answer on how to handle final outputs, too.

If you need colours otherwise for some reason: do note the revision feature itself contains easy mechanisms for cleaning up its own markings permanently. Refer to §18.5.3 and .4 in the user manual, starting on pg. 259. Note that the latter method + Scrivenings is an easy combination for cleaning out all revision markings throughout the entire draft. Consider snapshots if you want to preserve the markings.

You were right, I had Compile => Transformations => Remove Text Color is checked. When I unchecked it the color did pass thru.