Revision tools


I would love to have some revision tools for my novel projects.

  1. Spell check in Norwegian
  2. Be able, on a push of a button, to highlight ALL action verbs in the document I’m working on. That way I can make each action verb more specific. For example: walked -> staggered
  3. Same as above, but also for nouns, adjectives etc.
  4. Then when right-clicking a highlighted verb, suggestions for a new and more specific verb shows up.
  5. Customizable options for 2, 3 and 4, allowing me to add new verbs, nouns etc to search for, and also allowing me to add new verbs and nouns etc in the “suggestions” box.

In other words customizable revision options.

How would you tell the program how to distinguish between words that can be both action verbs and nouns? For instance:

Swim, Run, Attack, Drink, etc.

Basically any words found on this page:

For 4, you’d need to add a full thesaurus to the coding of the program, and I don’t know how that would affect the bulk/bloat.

It should already be possible to set up spelling to recognise Norwegian - see this page: … dictionary

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Let it search for action verbs in the past tense, like swam, ran, attacked, drank…

Not necessarily. But yes, if you have a thesaurus of all variations of all action verbs, then it would be bloated. But, if you only have a thesaurus of the more non-visual verbs (for lack of a better term), like “walked”, the list would be much shorter. You’ll have “walked” on the list, but not “approached, limped, staggered” etc which are more visual variations of the verb.

During drafting I never stop and look for a better verb when I write, or a noun for that matter. I need flow when I write, and seldom edit. It’s during revision when I change verbs into stronger ones. And nouns into more visual ones.

Yes, I can read through my text manually and edit, but it would be nicer to skip all the reading, and focus on just the verbs, change what needs to be changed, and then jump to step 2…which is then to focus on the nouns.

I want speed when I plan, when I write and when I revise :slight_smile:

OS X has a built-in shortcut for quickly accessing the dictionary or thesaurus for words under the mouse, Ctrl-Cmd-D. If you get a Norwegian thesaurus for the system dictionary tool, you could shuffle that to the top of the list of tools in your Dictionary app and have the synonyms pop up first. (I imagine you could do all this with the mouse and Services, too, if you prefer a no-keyboard approach.)

That said, I admit I don’t know how you’d know which word to choose if you skipped all the reading. :wink:

Like I wrote above, I wanted scrivener to highlight “all” verbs in the text. So, instead of reading through the complete text trying to locate all the verbs myself, I let scrivener do it instead on a click of a button. Then I can just quickly skim through and focus only on the highlighted words.

The purpose: SPEED in the revision process

Also, It would be great to be able to automatically search for, highlight and then replace those nasty adverbs into something more showing.

This is definitely outside the scope of Scrivener. Software is never going to be able to replace careful re-reading and thought on the part of a human for this sort of thing (and if software ever can, it will start writing books :slight_smile: ). To do something like this, Scrivener would need a knowledge of the sorts of verbs you want to highlight in many languages, and Scrivener would be making a sort of subjective choice about what words are bad or good.

Even if there were a really good way to implement it, it’s still outside of what I want Scrivener to do, sorry.

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