Revisit previous years events?

Now that we have time travel, could some of us go back and participate in the ones we missed previously?

What do people think about this?
Would people want to ‘catch-up’ if we were to schedule a couple of the really early NiaDs as re-runs?
Would those that took part first time round have another go?

I’d be interested.

The dynamic is different, because I imagine that many of us have read those novels and know where they’re going. So much of NiaD depends on the reveal at the end.

I’d be very interested in taking part, whether there are different rules or not.

Just brain-storming … it’d be fun, but probably unmanageable, to use the forum to establish canon as we go, In a do-over, should we look for rather more continuity? There might be enough of us based in London that we could do one live in a café or pub, with scheduled writing times and scheduled times for discussing continuity … late-chapter people asking if an early-chapter person could foreshadow this, or plant that idea, and early-chapter people could ask late-chapter people to pick up this symbol or that theme…


And I promise to IGNORE all precedent as I insert pirates, dolphins and space aliens.

Why do we need to preface “aliens” with “space”? Seems redundant.

To make it clear you’re talking about definition 4 and not the others.

Soooo tempted to just lock the thread at this point. :wink:

That might prevent Jaysen from taking part. But it might also tempt him to visit. Maaaaan, tough call! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to check and make sure my work and life schedule would cooperate before committing to it, of course…but yes, I’d be interested.

Me! Me! Me! I would. :smiley:

Am I? We all inhabit one or more points in space. And since everything is “in space” aren’t we all “space” aliens the minute we move from point(s) to point(s) within our space.

So I think all definitions are open to my use of “space” aliens.

What better way to have me show up on a doorstep… Lock a favorite thread but tell everyone where you will be and when you will be there! We can hang out with our peg legs, eyepatches, videos of performant dolphins, eat mahi mahi (which is technically called “dolphin”) and try to figure out which of the patrons “aren’t from around here”. Heck, I’d be a legit alien myself!

That would make you a taking-up-space-alien.

Which is slightly better than the normal “waste-of-space alien” but less fun than the state after of few drinks of “wasted space-alien”.

I like this game!

You are perilously close to Douglas Adams “killed in a zebra crossing” territory here and I love it!

It’s all fun & games until someone starts the Vogon poetry…

Back on topic: I don’t know how I feel about rewriting the early books. Part of me is interested (anything that gets me writing fiction has a strong start) but at the same time it seems… “wrong” somehow. Maybe it feels more like an academic writing exercise than creating something new?

I don’t know.

Then again, Pigfender has proved he’s good at this, so maybe I should just trust him to pull it off.

My definitive answer: Maybe

I suspect that the Baconator would give you a different chapter making it a different experience entirely. Maybe you need to remind him at sign up time. Am I missing something obvious?

Maybe it’s the fact I see my efforts as writing a short story more than writing a novel. That or I’m a simpleton.

Honestly, when I read the finished book, I always think ‘oh, if only I’d known that…’ Then again it is spoiling an element of the fun - the magician’s reveal at midnight wouldn’t be quite the same.

Probably. But there’s a strong chance I am too.

Wait… what’s the choice here? :wink:

Do you want me to dispariage your taste in trousers publicly?
Do you want me to sing the praises of your coherency in drunken posts to internet forums?

It’s a tough decision.

Pangur has asked me to point out that certain knowledgeable entities on the Astral plane, have informed him that nom only wears trousers at his office. Whilst at home, when writing or relaxing , he wears a kimono.
Pangur thinks that’s a bit odd … but each to his own, I say.
Do take care