Rewind button

Am I blind as a bat or has the audio/video rewind option vanished on V2? Pity because that was one of the great advantages of Scrivener was to pause or stop and rewind. Using Snow Leopard

I’m…not sure what you mean? It should just all appear at the bottom of the editor when you have open a media file. You can also access the controls and see the keyboard shortcuts via View>Media.

Oddly enough it has just become visible. And works. No idea why it wasn’t visible before. Thanks for responding so quickly though

Some buttons auto-hide if the editor gets too narrow, but the pause and rewind ones should always be there… Let me know if they disappear again as it could be down to a resizing bug.

Yes got it in one. When you reduce the width of the column the button disappears.

Only the “pause and rewind” button should disappear though - the rewind buttons should still be there.

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Just to be clear I’ve attached two files, one where the button disappears and the other when it is viewable.

That’s the Pause and Rewind button that Keith was referring to. It doesn’t actually rewind or pause, it toggles this particular mode. When it is blue (as depicted in the screenshot), whenever you hit the pause button or use the keyboard shortcut to pause, it will be automatically rewinded by a determined number of seconds (you can set this up in navigation preferences. If your editor is too narrow to show the button, it is still impacting your settings though. Just because it is gone doesn’t mean pause and rewind will stop working.