Rewind when paused -> Rewind when unpaused

Dear Keith,

I love the “rewind when paused” feature when dealing with audio data. Now that I want to do transcripts of some video clips, I encountered a problem: Sometimes I need to read subtitles but they vanish because of the rewind.

Simple solution: Why not change the behaviour of the “rewind when paused” feature to a “rewind when unpaused” feature?

This change wouldn’t make any difference when dealing with audio files but would enable me to pause at the exact video frame I need, without having to turn off the whole beloved feature.

  • Benjamin

That’s an interesting point. I can’t think of a reason why switching the rewind event from the back to the front of the user interaction would cause a problem anywhere except in manual scrubbing. If you scrub up to a particular spot and then un-pause it would jump back a bit from where you meant—not a huge problem, but a little awkward in terms of normal user expectation. Worth a little thought though, I think.