rewrite feature request: cursor definitons and sentence diag

regular complaint of editors that the writer doesn’t know the precise meaning of the word or there’s a problem with the sentence structure.

would be great if there was a ‘walk-through’ feature, where i could focus on a sentence, see, modify and create an associated sentence diagram that goes with it where i consciously identify parts of sentence, and also see the dictionary definiton in real time for whatever word my cursor is on, instead of the nuisance of having to press buttons to see it in a d**mned pop window

both of these would be visible in an inspector pane and the view would depend on what word and sentence your cursor was on.

If you’re using a MacBook (Pro or Air), or a separate Apple Trackpad, a 3-finger tap on the trackpad achieves this with no buttons required. Still a pop-up window, but click anywhere it disappears (or 3-finger tap on the next word to check). Possibly my most use Mac OS feature (well, maybe not most used, but certainly often used).

I suspect that the developer’s response to the rest would be that it is beyond the scope of Scrivener.

learn something new everyday… thank you Nom

I am going to need longer words, if I am to get three fingers on them!