RFE: Select/Unselect All at Compile Menu

Request for Enhancement:

Would love to have a Select/Unselect All option at the compile menu. Each time I compile for proof-reading, I have to manually select/unselect a number of sections and chapters to proof read only the current work. With many chapters, this can be grueling. But to press a button and unselect all the previous, then manually select the few that have changed… a dream… And then to have to press only a single button to now select all the million of the sections and chapters for a full manuscript… a dream, once more…


You could select the ones you want to compile in the Binder and then choose “Selection” instead of Draft at the top in the main Compile window.

Try holding the ALT key while checking/unchecking. It should apply to all.

Thank you for the time-saving tips; they both worked marvelously!