Rich Text Format (RTF). How do I use it?

Rich Text Format (RTF). How do I use it?

Q: Timotheus

RTF conversion works as expected, and imports into Mellel and most other Word Processors just fine.

If you select the RTF export option, footnotes will be converted to true RTF footnotes. Any other option will just convert them internally to normal text, by placing them at the end of the document and using the square brackets.

By “true” RTF footnotes, I mean footnotes in the RTF format, using RTF tags as defined by the RTF format published by Microsoft.

“Footnotes” are called “footnotes” in Scrivener, even though they are not represented as such visually, because this is exactly how they will be exported - as footnotes or endnotes. They are not the same thing as annotations.

Apple’s default RTF importers and exporters do not support RTF footnotes, comments or images. So Scrivener uses code that inserts RTF footnotes, comments and images directly into the created RTF stream on export.

If you check “Export annotations as RTF comments” when exporting to RTF, the annotations will be converted to RTF-formatted comments. The only program I know of that can read these comments is Microsoft Word. I believe Mellel have it on their list to support this RTF feature at some point; I don’t know about Nisus. So again, if you check this option, unless you open the RTF in Word, you will not be able to see these comments.

So any application that just uses Apple’s default RTF importers (TextEdit etc) will not be able to the read footnotes, comments or images in an RTF file created by Scrivener. But by the same token, if you use TextEdit or another such program to open an RTF file created by Mellel, Nisus or Word, the footnotes, images and comments will also be lost. This is a problem with the default Apple importers, not the RTF file itself.

Scrivener is not slated to support Mellel-XML format, as that would be a lot of work (I’d have to write my own parser and formatter), and the RTF exporter works fine.

The main problem here is the vast difference between various programs in their support of the various RTF features, and also the current lack of documentation in Scrivener to bring this to people’s attention.

A: Keith

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