Richtext for iPad

Richtext for iPad

Some users might find this app interesting. It is listed on iTunes Apps store at 0.69p but does not seem to be featured on the author’s web site. … ._at_last/

This looks like it might be good. Does it sync well with scrivener? I have only ever tried to sync on the iPad using plain text format (and then using something like Daedalus), but this has me curious. Anyone know if syncing in rich text works well, has advantages over plain text, etc.?

Richtext syncs only with Dropbox folder Apps/Richtextfiles. Hardly an ideal solution for Scrivener

I agree. It works well, maintaining formatting and alignment. The problem is only that it doesn’t use folders, so you have to copy and paste files from the Dropbox folder of the app to the folder for sync of scrivener.
I read that they will implement folders in the future.

Now I work better using plaintext, mmd only for italics and bold, compiling to rtf with the option of automatic convertion of this formatting. It perfect!