Riddle me this....

What’s the one award a person should never hope to win? 8)

A Darwin award…


World’s fastest lover ?


Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a weiner! An exploding cigar to the gentleman in the floppy hat, if you please!

That was quick! I love that website and incidentally, this topic plays a small part in the book I’m writing. Hence, the post…

For what specific reason? That you qualify, or that your other either has enough personal knowledge, or has provided their personal knowledge to others, to make this award possible?

Please explain the question that is in response to an answer to a question.


In response to which:

This could become extremely convoluted :confused:

dear lord. vic-k is interested. This is trouble…

The question you answered: what is the award you don’t want to win?

You replied with: fastest lover.

I want to know which part of that award is worse
a. Lover knowing that amongst all possible partners you are the worst
b. Lover comparing times with others.

I am torn, but A seems to be the worst option to me.

now how did this topic drag vic-k out of his wife’s presence?

Neither concept fazes me.

I do not indulge in imaginary self torture.



There, there. It could be worse. Just think, somewhere in Texas, a village is mourning the return of its idiot.

How about being awarded a life sentence without out parole for something you didn’t do?

Even worse: Death penalty for something you didn’t do. But it’s not as immediate as a Darwin Award. (Well, at least not here in the U.S. We still have an appeal process.)