Right-Click Auto-Correct Feature?

Hello all, beta 29 is wonderful! I keep finding new and appreciated features and efficient shortcuts. Are you guys sure you’ll be charging enough for this?.. wait, scratch that!

Anyway, is there a way in Scrivener to correct a misspelled word and simultaneously add it to be auto-corrected thereafter? Put another way, the name “Wyatt” (or any proper name for that matter), when spelled “wyatt,” is marked as misspelled. Right-clicking on it gives me the option to correct it but not correct it and add it to an auto-correct list for future occurrences. Am I missing something or is it not a feature?

I realize I could add it manually to the dictionary; however, having the option under a right-click menu is more efficient. The difference is two mouse clicks versus a trip to menu land. (I realize I am exposing my laziness for all to see here.) I loathe saying anything that could be construed as positive about Word; however, that is a right-click option in that program that I used frequently and appreciated. You can corect it or correct/auto-correct.

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is what you’re describing, but it is possible to right-click a misspelled word (well, one that Scrivener underlines as misspelled) and choose “Learn Spelling”. This adds the word to the dictionary, but if you’ve also got “Correct spelling errors as you type” turned on in the Auto-Correction tab of Tools>Options…, then once the spelling is learned it also will be used for auto correction. So for instance, if you add “Wyatt” to your dictionary, then typing “wyatt” should auto-correct to “Wyatt”. (Although actually, at least for the US English dictionary, “Wyatt” already seems to be there; Scrivener is auto-correct this to title case for me without my having done anything.)

So it sounds like you may first of all just need to turn on auto-correction, and then, if necessary, add the words to the dictionary. (In addition to choosing “Learn Spelling”, you can view your personal word list in the Auto-Correction tab mentioned above and add words to your custom list directly there.) If you don’t really want auto-correction on for everything, you might instead consider turning on auto-completions. These are on by default only in script-mode, but you can change the settings in the Word Auto-Completion area under the Auto-Correction tab. This will automatically suggest words that are in your Auto-Complete list, which you can call up via Project>Auto-Complete List. You can add words there directly or add them from the editor by right-clicking a selected word and choosing “Add to Auto-Complete List”. So in this instance, if you’d added “Wyatt” to your list, when you started typing “wy” Scrivener would automatically suggest “Wyatt” and you could hit Enter to accept the suggestion and just continue on.

Thanks for the detailed response MimeticMouton. My auto correct feature was in fact unchecked and proper names are now being recognized without me having to right-click-correct them. Very much appreciated.

And thanks to your info-packed response I have been tempted to investigate the auto-completion function for other purposes.

Thank you again. Can’t say enough good things about this program and community. :smiley: