Right Click Font Color Change in document in Collection Does Not Work

When working in a character document in a collection I right-click highlighted text and select the option to change text color and nothing happens.

steps to reproduce

  1. highlight text to change color.
  2. right-click highlighted text.
  3. select text color from dop down.
  4. select color (black)

The expected result is that the highlighted text color changes to the selected color.
the actual result is nothing happens.

is this a bug or a feature?

It works for me.

Did you paste the text from some other program?

For a piece of text to change color it must be ‘selected’. Is the text in question highlighted or selected? There is an option to Highlight Color, via the same right-click context menu, which is similar to using a colored marker across the text, giving a background color to the selection.
Regardless whether text is highlighted or not, ensure the text is selected, rather than the cursor placed within it, when picking the text color from the right-click context menu.