Right click - insert hyperlink

By highlighting text and right clicking I find I can only add Scrivener and document links. Really hoping you can add this useful shortcut for internet hyperlinks also.

Is there a keyboard shortcut for this? I’m yet to find it either.

(Scriv for Windows

AFAIK there’s no shortcut for this, but after selecting, instead of right clicking you can use Edit|Link and paste the URL directly, as well as any file name.

Hope this helps!

There’s not a default shortcut, but you can add one via Tools > Options… in the Keyboard section (“Edit Link”).

Yay… thanks for this! Question, though: It seems to require a Ctrl combo–doesn’t work with Alt (Alt+H, for instance), even though the shortcut-mapping tool will take Alt+H and it will appear in the menu that way, but doesn’t work. Alt+H seems tied to deploying the Help menu. Any want to unassociate that so I can use the Alt+H for getting the insert-hyperlink dialog?