Right Click Issues

Hi there, after using Scrivener for months without issue I’m noticing extremely severe input lag when using my Surface Pro 3. I do not appear to have the same issue on my Desktop PC at home. Furthermore, my SP3 is not “slow”, it is showing clear of viruses and all other software appears to be working normally and without any kind of input lag. Unfortunately, my SP3 is the device on which I get most of my writing done and this is presently not possible.

What steps can I take to remedy this situation? What has caused it? How can I ensure it doesn’t occur again?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with.

EDIT: If it helps you to diagnose the problem, when I right click, a blank box of the correct size appears but does not display anything to click in the context menu,.

Did you have any recent system updates (including to your anti-virus/security software) that may coincide with the onset of this slowdown behavior?

Can you reboot your SP3 into Safe Mode and see if Scrivener runs promptly there?

Can you temporarily disable all real-time scanning/monitoring on your anti-virus/security software and see if Scrivener runs promptly under those conditions?

You may also want to check your security software to see if it is giving a warning on some of the Qt4 DLLs that Scrivener uses.

Thanks for replying so quickly.

Scrivener seems to be running fine in Safe Mode.

I’ve disabled real-time scanning/monitoring software which has no effect.

As far as I can tell, Windows Defender has no issues with Qt4 DLLs that Scrivener uses.

No other software appears to “cause” this right click issue, but after using Scrivener the trouble with right click context menus “spreads” from Scrivener.

Is some kind of memory or resource leak taking place with the software?

EDIT: Fixed typo.

Is Windows Defender the only security product you’re using, or has some other package found its way on?

Which version of Windows, and if Windows 10, which build?

Do you have Scrivener set to launch under a compatibility mode? If not, try setting it for Windows 7 and launch it again to see if that helps.

Otherwise, it’s time to start working through your startup items to see if something else is messing up the environment.

Right, brilliant. Starting in Compatability Mode as advised has fixed the more egregious issue: I can now type without any lag.

However, right-clicking for contextual menus is still borked. Basically, the window which should have items in there displays but there are no available options to click. Other software does not seem to “cause” this issue; only Scrivener. The issue then “spreads” to all other right clicks elsewhere.

I tend to use Windows Defender only and then, if something is messing around, I’ll install a free antivirus software and run a few scans. Presently the software of choice is Bitdefender. I’ve installed that to check things out and there have been no viruses detected; I’ve no uninstalled it again as I dislike having too many antivirus softwares cluttering up my systems and causing issues.

I am using Windows 10 and it is up to date. Having discussed my issues with more tech-savvy friends, they recommend I manually uninstall the latest Spectre update using the process here: jcutrer.com/howto/windows/unins … down-patch which has apparently caused a slew of issues with various software. I did this but unfortunately it has had no impact on Scrivener for me.

I’m clutching at straws here, but I do save directly into a Dropbox folder that keeps updated. Could that be causing issues?

Thanks again for your help.

EDIT: Furthermore, the first few right-clicks in Scrivener cause no issues. It’s only after a while that things start to mess-up and, once we’re over the cliff, it remains an issue until I restart.

Now that we’re talking about it some more, I have seen the blank context menu issue on my SP3 with Windows 10 over the past couple of versions, but I’ve seen it in applications other than Scrivener.

My usual fix is to check for updates and reboot. My own personal belief is that it is from pending system file upgrades from an update that has been applied but the system hasn’t had a chance to fix files that are locked in use yet, hence the reboot.

Thanks for your assistance so far. I’ve even tried tinkering with regedit (which is not advised; please backup). Unfortunately, I can’t seem to create a situation on my SP3 other pieces of software cause this issue regardless of how heavy/light they use resources. It only seems to be Scrivener causing the issue. It feels like a memory leak that has been introduced by a Windows Update.

Please let me know if you think of anything else :slight_smile:

For the record, resetting the PC and removing all personal files and then installing only Scrivener and Dropbox results in the same issue. :cry:

What did you upgrade to?

Try doing a Google search on “right click slow”. Turns up discussions of folks experiencing this with a vareity of apps and some possible fixes.

Seem to be at least indirectly related to video drivers (or video driver related program suites) and/or antivirus apps (or related program suites).

Hope that is of some assistance.