Right click malfunction

Right clicking is malfunctioning since updating to Scrivener 3. Have to right click multiple times to bring up window.

Can you provide more details? Like what it is that you are clicking on? Outline, Binder, text? Which window is being brought up then? Do you mean the context menu?

For example while I’m writing I’ll highlight a word and then right click on that word in order to bring up the menu that has copy and paste. When I do, the menu will flicker as if it’s trying to open but is being prevented. If I wait a second and try again, or I click several times rapidly the menu will eventually appear and I can perform the task without a problem. I was not having this issue with Scrivener 2 and haven’t added any pop-up blockers, etc, since installing Scrivener 3.

Scrivener 2 existed only on Mac. Are you sure this post is in the right category?

I simply meant my previous version of Scrivener. I assumed it was called 2.

No, Win jumped from 1.9.something to 3 :slight_smile:
Now to your problem - I would actually suggest reinstalling the application as a first thing. It will not damage your document files etc, but full uninstall/download new/install again might help. I haven’t had an issue with the text context menu, but I had some weird buggy behaviour in the Outliner.
If you try to call the context menu in other applications in your system, or in other parts of Scrivener, what happens? Is there the same delay? Does this happen if you have a lot of text, or also if you just have a few lines on the screen? I can see a bit of slowness in reaction if I have multi-screen text displayed.

I haven’t noticed it except with the context menu on the text screen, and I do use multiple windows. I’ll try reinstalling it and see if that helps. Thank you so much for your help!

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And can I ask you one other quick question? When I compile my novel to a Word document my right margin is off the page. I wasn’t having that issue before going to Scrivener 3 and as yet haven’t discovered how to change my right margin in this version.

You may ignore my previous question about margins. Turns out it was a Word issue and I’ve corrected it. Thanks again for your help and have a nice day!

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