Right Click / open as QR does not work in QR panes

  • open a QR pane on a project bookmark
  • click the icon at bottom left of statistics bar to display project bookmarks
  • right click an item (not the one already open) / Open as QR
  • nothing happens

Just saw your post and when right click works fine to open as QRP. Try in another project to see if project specific. If it is, something may have been corrupted.
This works if opened QRP before.
If open QRP from bookmarks then right click a bookmark in this pane does open QRP but superimposes on current one and looks like nothing happened, but if grab title moves.

It’s not hidden under another window.
And I get the same problem in other projects.

Works fine for me. And I tried all possible combinations of floating windows.
When you say “nothing happens”, do you get no extra active software in Windows’ taskbar?

That’s right. No new window opens.

This happens if I create a new project.

  • Create two text items, A and B.
  • Add B to Project Bookmarks.
  • Open A as QR.
  • Click the icon at bottom left of the QR pane to open the bookmark list.
  • Right click Item B on the bookmarks list.
  • Open as QR.
  • No window opens.