"Right click / Scrivener Link... " dialogue has gone

In the Project Notes Manager, I highlighted some text and did “Right click / Scrivener Link… / Link to Existing Document”.
It didn’t work - no new link was created.
I did this three times, with the same result.
Now something’s broken: If I do "Right click / Scrivener Link… " then the next dialogue box does not appear at all.

  • All this in the Project Notes Manager. I can still create new links ok in regular documents.

Hm, there seems to be an issue with the focus when opening the New Link dialog. When I tried this, the links were created in active editor split in the main window rather than in the project notes. I was able to successfully create Scrivener links to existing documents just using the context menu to navigate to the target document, rather than going through the New Link dialog. Have you tried that?

Alt+Drag & Drop from the binder also works to create links in the project notes, so that might be another option for you.