Right-Click Search option

Wish for the functionality to Right-Click on a word in a Note, or even a title in the Binder, and one of the options is Search. Thank you.

Is what you are looking for in the “Writing Tools” sub-menu, or are you looking for a way to search within the project?

Thank you for asking me to clarify. I think it is your Project Search function (under the Edit, Find sub-menu), but also to have the Search use the term being right-click on. For example, I have a note that has as its source a person with the last name, Albright. And I want to find other notes that are sourced with the same person. So I would like to be able to Right-Click on “Albright”, select Project Search (or Find, Project Search) from the right-click menu, and your Search function populates with the term “Albright” and searches for it just like your Search function does, listing the notes in the Search Results panel. I hope this makes sense.

Scrivener is such a fascinating and practical program. I would like to use it for research notes and writing. I am still trying to learn how it would apply in my situation. The Search function is helpful. Searching in Document References would also be helpful; very, very helpful, actually. Again, thank you for having the wish clarified.