Right click undo + auto fill in synopsis cards


Firstly - thank you - I love Scrivener. It’s made it so much more intuitive and fun to organise all my notes, and I love the full screen for writing.

There are a few things as a new windows user i would like please - a right click undo feature, and for the synopsis cards to have an auto fill in feature.

Thank you.

Glad you’re enjoying Scrivener! Although there’s not an Undo item in the context menu, you can use the standard Ctrl+Z shortcut and can add an Undo button to the format bar if you wish, via Tools > Customize Toolbars.

To auto-generate a synopsis from the initial text of the document, open the inspector (View > Layout > Show Inspector) and click the icon button in the far right of the “Synopsis” header.

Thank you! I thought I’d come across a way of doing that re synopsis- but couldn’t remember how. I’ll try ctrl-z for undo.

There was one more thing - would it be possible to double click to open a document from the corkboard - atm I right click and open in editor but it would just be quicker?

Double-click on the document icon in the index card header to open it directly in the same editor. You can also spilt the editor (View > Layout) and click the double arrow button in the corkboard footer to automatically load the selected document in the corkboard in the second editor.