Right clicking on selected words to lookup meanings or synonyms - Can I add my own sources/web sites?

Hi everyone,
I can lookup a selected word in Scrivener editor by right-clicking on it and choosing “writing tools”. I love this efficient feature extra because English isn’t my first language.

Can I customize the search sources or websites of this context menu? Let’s say I want to add: “https://dictionary.cambridge.org/”?

Suspect not, but could create a file with links to these resources and place the file in Project bookmarks and could be available via bookmark icon or in the Inspector pane bookmark panel. Could even open file as Quick reference panel and have available to click on the links as edit.


Than maybe I found the one feature in Scrivener that’s not customizable - you’ve got to give me credit for that!

Your alternatives are very good actually. I will adopt them . Thanks Dad :slight_smile:

That’s one thing that is missing, in my opinion.
Not everyone writes in English, and it would seem logical that a user could edit the list of online dictionaries and reference sites.

Would it be that simple that the highlighted word ends up in the custom site’s search field on its own ?
→ I have no idea. ←

It can be automated and linked to a shortcut using ComfortKeys. And likely it can also be configured as a shortcut using AutoHotKey.
But I’ve always thought it would make sense to be able to tune it to a user’s needs internally.

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Yeah that’s what happens; it opens your standard browser window with the chosen reference website

I mean that a user could customize this list :

But I don’t know if the new referenced site (should the user add one to this list), though it would for sure load up, would have the word that was highlighted in Scrivener in its search field that simply.
Not sure it’d work at all. (I am no dev.)

You are a few steps ahead, but now I get you

I am still hoping there is a way to edit that list of reference websites. I am rewarding with a bar of gold

As I said, I am pretty sure it could be set as a shortcut using AutoHotKey.
The new website wouldn’t appear referenced anywhere in Scrivener, but since you would’ve set it up on purpose you’d know there is a shortcut.
And since AHK would handle a sequence of actions that can be edited (copy word (editor’s selection) to clipboard - load X URL in default browser - paste the clipboard where the word should be [or insert it in the URL right off]) that would likely work.

No doubt someone around here could design it up for you if you ask nicely. :wink:
(But not me, I don’t quite use AHK.)

I think you’ve inspired some to do this, by now, but I am not a auto hot key user. Sorry for making it sounds like a drug user… I might become one in the future though. For now, I like it a bit simpler because I just finished the Scrivener tutorial - the complete basic part of it. It’s good stuff what you’re suggesting, I sounds like it’s doable and will work.

The thing with AutoHotKey is that there are two levels of users.

You can be a user and yet have no idea how to design a shortcut, use the ones that already exist, designed by other users.

Or you can be a user who knows how to design his/her own shortcuts, macros, when they don’t already exist.

For the first, all you need to do is install AHK then search the extensive lists of pre-existing macros. (But in this case, it is so specific that I doubt that you’ll find, unless someone from this forum (or one of the others) has designed it and says so.)

AHK is free/open source, by the way.