Right clicking to convert to upper & lower case etc

This used to appear in the drop down menu when you right clicked on a section of text (as it does in the rest of Mac OSX). Can it be re-introduced please.

These commands have never been in the ctrl-click menu, and I’m not aware of it being anywhere else on OS X - they certainly don’t appear there in TextEdit or Pages. The contextual menu can’t (and shouldn’t) have too many commands in it, and for most users these commands are not as commonly used, which is why they remain in the main menus. If you use them a lot, what you can do is set up a keyboard shortcut for them via the System Preferences.

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If you really do want those options in the contextual menu, you can download and install the free word services provided by Devon Technologies. I find them a bit awkward to use because the fall under the Services sub-menu. Another option is to buy PopClip (it’s only a few dollars) and install the extension that permits changing case. Very slick!