right indent/margin problem

I have searched through the threads but not sure how to name my problem and thus not sure which solution applies.

After finishing a re-write of my MS I wanted to give it a more thorough polish as is possible inside scrivener (oh how I wish my favorite app for that would be integrated lol)
Therefore I exported each chapter, opened it in word where it arrived as rtf inside the normal marginsand corrected it (with help of my app installed inside word - PWA)

After I re-imported each chapter one by one into Scrivener.

Each chapter arrived in the designated folder - the text alas only reached to about the middle of the ruler - a new right indent/margin (not sure which applies had appeared there). I highlighted the text, moved the triangle until the text ended where it usually does. The highlighted text I then cut and pasted inside the chapter replacing the old (since I have long titles which don’t work in export and I had to rename the to be corrected files)

Did this for all my chapters and then continued to compile my MS to docx.

Opened in word to check before I send out. Result:

A few chapters where fine, text fine inside the margins set there,
the rest flowed beyond the page…

I returned to Scrivener to see what had gone wrong as all chapter looked perfect there – inside the margins.
I highlighted traumatized chapters and voila - while the text was still inside the normal margin at 10.50 - the little arrow was at 6.00. With the text still highlighted I moved it to 10.50 and continued to do this for all other chapters.

Compiled. Opened in word. Same problem.

Returned to Scrivener, checked again. Despite my highlighting and arrow moving, it was back at 6.00.

Repeated my first aid, turned my back to got to the next chapter, returned, same thing again. Arrow at 6.00 (text in Scrivener always stays full page though - it’s only the arrow moving)

Trying to compile single chapters to see if ANYTHING I did made a difference showed - no, it didn’t. The problem continues (was supposed to deliver the MS to a desk yesterday and did by manually fixing everything in word - which worked but doesn’t solve the Scrivener issue.)

I assume it has to do with the exporting/importing (which I will have to do again, so how do I do it right so this won’t happen again?) - so HOW TO FIX IT?

Thank you all and everybody!

Same problem here when using the Sync with External Folder feature. RTF as default.
Using Srivener Version: - 19 jul 2016 for Windows and MSWord2007.

Guess no solution was ever found. I definitely didn’t. Need to export this particular project to word and fix there sadly.

Does Compile in the Windows version include a Formatting pane and ‘As is’ tickboxes and an ‘Override text and notes formatting’ tickbox in the Formatting pane?