Right Margin Cut Off

I have found bits and pieces of this problem in the forum, but haven’t been able to find a solution.

I previously wrote the first draft of a novel in a word document, one chapter after another with no page breaks, markers or special code inserted - I figured I’d worry about formatting later.

I cut and pasted each chapter into a separate section in Scrivener, which only took about 20 minutes.

It worked just fine, but when i tried to export a PDF, the right margin is slightly cut off - chopping off about half a letter’s width. From what I’ve been reading it seems as though this is caused by residual formatting code that came across from word.

How do I fix this?

When I tried importing the file, the formatting was even more horrendous, not to mention it was one lump document since I didn’t put any markers in the word document.

It seems like fixing the issue with the right margin would be an easier than the multiple issues that arose when I imported it as opposed to copying and pasting. (All the indentations were wrong and sporadically different, one huge document, bizarre spacing throughout, etc.)

It sounds like there is a right indent set for the text, which copied over with it from Word. You can fix this in the editor by showing the ruler, selecting all the text, and then dragging the right indent marker all the way to the right edge of the ruler–it should stick with the edge if you readjust the editor, indicating the text will wrap to the margin when you export or compile (unless you’re overwriting the formatting during compile and set a right-indent there, but that’s another matter).

You could also fix this, and other formatting quirks from the import, by updating all the documents to match your default editor formatting. Go to the Editor tab of Tools > Options… and use the format bar and ruler to adjust the sample text to your preferences. (The blue A button on the left of the format bar opens the font options.) Click OK to apply the changes and close the Options. Your new defaults will apply to all new documents you create (in any project) and you can then change existing documents to match by selecting them in the binder (Ctrl- or Shift-click to select multiple) and choosing Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.

You’ll get some options for limiting what the conversion applies to, but unless you have special formatting like tables or block quotes, you’ll likely just want to update everything so you can fix the indents, fonts, spacing, etc. Character formatting like bold and italic will be preserved regardless of the settings.

So I did bring the ruler up. On the right, the bottom slider is set to 7.75 and the area immediately to the right of it is a solid gray bar and I can’t drag it any further right than it already is. What exactly do i need to do to eliminate the indent?

Just to see, I opened up another scrivener file which contained a project that I began in program - same preset for fiction when starting - and its margin is set to 9.85.

I also just tried two other things that did not work:

I tried converting to defaults, which changed the size of the ruler at the top, but the right margin is still cut off when compiled.

I also tried importing the document again, just to see if it would have the margin issue - and it still does - so importing as opposed to copy/paste doesn’t resolve the issue either.

Ok issue solved.

Just to troubleshoot, I tried compiling a native Scrivener document with the exact same settings, and it too had the right margin cut off. Therefore it was not a word --> scrivener issue.

After toying with the settings, I discovered that it was the font choice that was somehow causing it to happen. As soon as I switched to a different font in the compile settings, it worked fine.

Could you elaborate a little on what you mean with the font causing the problem? What font did you have and what did you change it to? If you start a new blank project type some text not in that font, does it work properly, but if you select it and change the font to the problem one, does the text no longer wrap properly? Screenshots or a short screencast would be great too if you could make one easily, but just reproduction steps would be great so we can see what’s going on.

Based on my testing, anytime I use Euphemia or Euphemia UCAS in the actual compile settings for formatting, it causes the words to not wrap properly. This occurs regardless of whether its an import or a document created from scratch in Scrivener.

Switching to any other font in the compile settings resolves it.

Hmm. Any chance you could provide a sample project that compiles with the wrap problem? I wasn’t able to reproduce it just switching to the Euphemia font in the compile formatting, so that’s either a red herring or only part of the trigger. You can use File > Back Up > Back Up To… on the demo project to create a zipped copy that you can attach here or mail to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a reference to this forum thread. Thanks!