Right margin on indent style export error?

I created an indent style in order to block quote a number of citations. I have checked the ruler and the blue triangle, on the right, is at 8 inches. Also, there are no tab arrows on the ruler. However, when I export the file and then import into NWP, all of the block quotes indent on the right at 5 inches. I want them only to indent on the left, then behave normally on the right.

I am in trail mode so likely have missed something basic, but I can’t figure it out. Thank you for the help.

I’m not sure what the problem is - are you exporting as RTF? I tested exporting an RTF to Nisus and the 5" right indent worked fine (appearing at 6" because of the 1" page margin of course). Could you post a screenshot?

There are a few things to consider here. The first is where the ruler starts. Scrivener’s ruler is strictly text flow based. The left edge of the first character on a line is at 0, and the right edge is variable based on how wide your window is. This has really nothing to do with the printed page, obviously. In Nisus, 0 point is the left edge of the paper, and if you’ll note how Nisus displays the ruler, you’ll see that to be the case—the margins are included in the calculation. So that’s going to make these numbers different for starters.

Second is, there appears to be a strange condition where if you set a right-indent margin beyond the actual limits of what is feasible for the the paper size, the result gets messed up. 8" is, for US Letter anyway, outside of the margin zone. Thus, if you want a 1" indent in the final result, set the right margin to 5.5". That will be at 6.5" in Nisus, and one inch to the left of the 7.5" right margin. If you don’t want them to be indented at all on the right, then just drag the blue arrow as far as it will go. Expand and contract the Scrivener window and if the arrow “floats” it’s no longer enforcing a right indent.

I was able to mostly replicate this. My result was 6" initially, and when I moved the indent to 8.5" the result was 5.5" in Nisus. So in effect the further out (off the paper) I went, the more indented it became.

OK, screen shots attached - one of Scrivener, one of NWP. I’m thinking AmberV might have it right, but I adjusted the margins in Scrivener so that the right margin was 7 inches, and it still exports with the right margin too narrow.

Okay, in the screenshot I definitely see you’ve got a right-margin set, which you shouldn’t need. In most cases you don’t need to bother with the right margin in Scrivener. Since it isn’t a page based program, you can just let the text flow freely since everything is an approximation anyway. In normal usage, with a window as wide as you have it, the text should be flowing all the way over and filling up the window, and the right margin arrow will actually change as you adjust the window width. The best way to reset that would probably be to just select all and move the right arrow over as far as it will go. Then change your window width a few times to make sure the text is freely flowing. You’ll need to re-create your blockquote style so that it only contains a left indent (leave the right-arrow alone), and then reset the paragraphs with that new style.

If you’ve been using the right paragraph margin to simulate a more standard paper width, I’d recommend taking a look at the Fixed Width option in General preferences. The easiest way to do this is to resize your window down until the paper width is roughly where you want it, and then click the “Use Current” button. With a default Text Editing pseudo-margin of 20 pixels (second tab in Preferences), a decent US Letter simulation is 538 pixels. For me, that puts the floating right paragraph margin at 6.5", the printing area in a default 1" all-around margin page setting. Remember, 6.5" is 7.5" in Nisus. Even though you’ve brought the margin in to 7", that’s still 8" in Nisus. You’re on the paper now at least, but still out in the printing margin area, which will cause glitches. Below is an example of what Scrivener looks like with Fixed Width turned on, and a rough approximation of US Letter printing width:

Could you please zip up and send me that .scriv file, to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com?


I’ve sent the zipped file. AmberV’s advise seemed to work. I re-did the block quote style so that the right margin was left alone, and it seems to be right when exported as .rtf. Thanks for the help.

I’ve looked at the file, and it seems that this is just Nisus’s way of handling text that would otherwise flow into the right margin. When I opened the exported RTF in Word (and also TextEdit), the right indent was exactly as in Scrivener. And when I reduced the right indent in the Scrivener project to 6" and then exported to RTF, it looked fine in Nisus because it was no longer past where the right margin would be. So it seems that this is just the way Nisus deals with out-of-bounds indents rather than anything Scrivener is doing. Glad Ioa’s advice helped you get it sorted too.

All the best,

Thanks again. I’ll head over to Nisus’ forum and see what they say. Great support - don’t you guys ever sleep?

Ha, we’ve got 2/3s of the globe covered, so collectively: no. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if this alignment problem would be more easily managed in 2.0. I have just exported the file again, and though I did follow Amber’s advice above back when this first happens, the alignment problem continues. In NWP, the blocked quotes are severely indented on the right, even though there is no right margin marker set in Scriv; in MS Word, the block quotes actually go off the page in the right hand margin. I can’t seem to get beyond either feast or famine with respect to the right hand margin.


No, there’s no change in 2.0. As explained previously after I looked at your file, there is no actual problem in Scrivener here. Just set your right margins to 6" or whatever and you should be good.